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Greatearth Construction Company's safety policy is based on the belief that every working person is entitled to a safe place to work. We recognize our responsibility for the physical well being of our employees as established by Government regulations (Ministry of Manpower (MOM)).

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Greatearth Construction places a very high priority on safety throughout the company. To ensure that all employees are in compliance with company and The Occupational Safety and Health Framework (OSH) regulations, Safety meetings and training are held each month, covering a wide range of topics per 0SH standards, such as respirators, basic first aid, proper lifting techniques, to scaffolding safety.

Through our Safety Awards program, Greatearth Construction recognizes and rewards individual employees for exemplifying jobsite safety with zero personal injuries.

A good safety record is a win-win situation for both the client and contractor.

Key elements of our Safety programs.

Company safety plan
Drug and alcohol testing program
Safety recognition program
Safety incentive program
Supervisor training programs
Employee orientation
Hazard communication program
Project safety plan through Phased Safety Plannings
"Injury free" projects are possible and do occur
Reinforcement of safety
Frequent safety review of jobs by our Safety Director
Loss-control meetings of senior managers
On-site tool box safety meetings
Safety checklist used by superintendents
Safety violation forms to document employee and subcontractor violations
Insurance company visits and follow-up recommendations
Policy and procedure manuals
Accident investigation
Confined space
Cranes and heavy equipment
Emergency procedures (fire and medical)
Fall protection
Hazard communication
Lock out/tag out
Trenching and shoring
Proper lifting techniques
Personal protective equipment